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Program Overview

MBF SDWAN is a secure and efficient global SD-WAN security networking solution for enterprises; the solution integrates the SASE zero-trust security framework, and the POP backbone network resources covering 50+ countries and regions around the world can provide enterprises with fast access anywhere in the world Ingress capabilities help enterprises quickly realize high-speed networking such as multi-branch, public cloud, and data centers.

Solution Architecture
Solution Advantage
For Fast Networking Anywhere In The World
Covering 50+ countries around the world, 15+ cloud private lines, and 200+ backbone POP resource nodes, providing enterprises with global private line-level networking
Secure Networking, More Secure Applications
Rich application access policies, multi-factor user authentication and authentication, realize the smallest granularity access from users to applications.
POP, Internet Integration Network, High Network Reliability
Support dual-network fusion networking of the Internet and POP backbone network, intelligent route selection, and automatic failover to ensure high network availability.
Multi-Terminal Support, Flexible Deployment
Support CPE/Android/ios/windows/macos/Linux and other client types, device plug and play, support public cloud, private cloud hybrid deployment.
Visual Management Platform Makes Operation Easier
Visual management platform, unified management of applications, users, clients, network policies and other functions, reducing network operation costs.
Cross-Regional High-Performance Multi-Branch Networking Multi-Network Converged Networking Global Traffic Targeting
Program Overview
With the global development of enterprises, the demand for application security access, file sharing, and mobile office between branches of enterprises has increased dramatically; MBF's high-performance SDWAN networking solution is based on MBF's global backbone network, and is deployed in each branch for plug-and-play The high-performance CPE builds a dedicated, low-latency, secure high-speed network for enterprises, and ensures the security of enterprise application access through various security measures such as user identity authentication and authorization, application authorization, and access policies.
Program Features
MBF covers 200+ POP high-speed and low-latency networks in 50+ countries and regions around the world, providing enterprises with the ability to quickly access branches around the world.
Measures such as multi-factor user identity authentication, application access authorization, and access control ensure application access security at the smallest granularity.
Minute-level network provisioning, plug-and-play equipment and a visualized management platform simplify network operation and management.
Multi-terminal support providing CPE/Android/ios/window/macos/Linux and other type of clients to meet the office needs of remote and mobile offices.
Typical Application
Multi-Branch Networking for Multinational Enterprises
Deploy high-performance CPEs in global branches for rapid networking to MBF's backbone POP nodes. Install MBF mobile client on employee devices for secure access to company intranet applications while on the move.
Super Network of Chain Stores
MBF deploys plug-and-play CPEs in chain supermarkets, supporting wired and 4G/5G access for rapid network setup, even in complex environments.
Program Overview
On the basis of high-performance SDWAN networking, MBF integrates Internet-based networking methods to realize dual-network integration, automatic fault switching, and high availability of the network; it can transmit bandwidth-consuming applications such as file transfer and Email through the Internet networking network , reduce high-performance bandwidth requirements, and help enterprises reduce network operating costs.
Program Features
Dual network integration, intelligent routing, automatic failover, high network reliability.
Intelligent traffic distribution reduces the bandwidth of high-performance networking and reduces investment costs.
Integrate WAN optimization technologies such as FEC and multiple packets to improve the quality of Internet networking.
Compatible with fixed network broadband and 4G/5G network access, it meets various network access scenarios such as wired and wireless.
Typical Application
Multi-Factory High-Speed Networking in Factories
Using MBF's multi-network fusion, we create a dual-network setup between the main factory and regional branches. This leverages MBF's high-speed backbone network and the internet for intelligent routing and fault tolerance, enhancing reliability without high bandwidth costs.
Multi-Branch Converged Networking
Deploy MBF's high-speed integrated network for efficient internal communication. Enable dual-network load balancing and fault tolerance. Install high-performance CPEs in global branches and MBF's mobile client for secure on-the-go access to company applications.
Program Overview
MBF SDWAN is based on a resource network covering 50+ countries and regions around the world and 200+ POP nodes, providing users with network traffic orientation and independent IP functions for 50+ countries around the world; it is widely used in Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Lazada and other e-commerce platforms and live broadcasts are used in restricted area IP application scenarios.
Program Features
Wide coverage of network resources, supporting 50+ countries and region around the world.
Exclusive IP, one account exclusively enjoys one public network IP, effectively avoiding the risk of multi-account association on e-commerce platforms.
Unified management, simple and visual management platform, users can quickly activate.
Typical Application
Quickly Go To The Cloud
MBF provides direct cloud connections to 15+ global providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud. With MBF's plug-and-play CPE box, users can accelerate access to cloud resources.
Cross-Border E-Commerce
E-commerce sellers on MBF can easily activate country-specific IP services. Each account gets a dedicated IP to minimize association risks. Access is made swift through plug-and-play CPE hardware or the MBF customer.
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