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Program Overview

MBF's dedicated 4G/5G core network adopts a distributed architecture with separation of transfer and control, and is deployed separately from the public network to ensure business data security. It provides high-concurrency, high-bandwidth, and low-latency 4G/5G network services, and is widely used in large-scale Meeting venues, Internet of Things parks and other scenarios to meet the mobile network coverage of specific scenarios.

Solution Architecture
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Solution Advantage
High-Performance, High-Density, Low-Latency 4G/5G Core Network
MBF provides a high-performance, high-density, and low-latency mobile core network far beyond WiFi, satisfying the access of the MBF of thousands of terminals.
Private Network Dedicated, Public Network Isolation
Private and dedicated core network business, service data trambfmission and application access are all forwarded on the dedicated network, with high network isolation security.
Integrate 4G/5G Core Network, Smooth Network Switching
Contain network element modules such as MME/HSS/SGW/PGW/UPF/AMF, which can support 4G and 5G networks at the same time, and realize smooth switching.
Modular And Distributed Architecture, Easy To Expand And Upgrade
MBF adopts a modular and distributed architecture, allowing enterprises to easily expand and upgrade 4G/5G networks according to business development.
Support Cloud Core Network, Rapid Deployment
Support public cloud, private cloud, bare metal, etc. to deploy the core network, and can be quickly deployed through docker, k8s, etc.
On-Demand Customization, Multi-Scenario Support
Support customization of scenarios such as small-scale, high-density, and large-scale, and provide users with low-cost, targeted core network products.
4G/5G Small Private Network Scenario High Density Mobile Network Scenarios Large-Scale Mobile Network Scenarios
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Program Overview
MBF's small private network deploys modules such as MME/AMF/UPF/SGW through an all-in-one machine, and is equipped with low-power gNB/eNB to complete signal coverage within a certain range. It has the characteristics of high flexibility and complete functions, and can meet hundreds of user terminals. Access, very suitable for scenarios covered by mobile networks such as 5G simulation laboratories, small studios, and small conference venues.
Program Features
For a small private network, one device can be equipped with a low-power base station, and the investment cost is low.
The equipment is mobile, the network flexibility is high, and the user can use it at any time.
Centralized deployment and a visualized management platform make network operation and maintenance management easier.
Typical Application
5G Simulation Lab
The low-latency, high-bandwidth 5G private network deployed by MBF for the mine can provide network access for various sensors, automation equipment, surveillance cameras and other terminals in the mine, and realize remote control of equipment, real-time video monitoring, environmental monitoring, etc., effectively Improve the intelligence and safety production efficiency of the mine.
E-Sports Studio
High demands of Esports studios for network latency and bandwidth, MoByFlex deploys 4G/5G network coverage within the studio, providing Esports terminals with low latency and high bandwidth 5G network access, thus avoiding the instability caused by WIFI
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Program Overview
In the scenario of high-density and dense terminal access, traditional WiFi is obviously unable to meet the requirements. MFB's high-density mobile network scenario deploys multiple UPF/PGW module nodes to load-share user traffic, and configures high-power gNB/eNB base stations for 4G/5G area signal coverage to meet high-concurrency and large-bandwidth networks It is very suitable for large-scale exhibitions, concerts and other scenes.
Program Features
The planar network coverage of high-power gNB/eNB base statiombf embfures stable access of high-concurrency users without dropping the line.
User plane forwarding multi-node deployment, dynamic expansion, traffic load sharing and high availability.
Typical Application
4G/5G Network Coverage Of The Temporary Venue
In temporary venues without network coverage or weak signal, MBF can swiftly deploy 45/5G core networks and expand signal coverage
Smart Factory 5G Network Coverage
Deploying 5G core network in factories for high-speed access of robots and automation equipment, leveraging 5G superior bandwidth, low latency and high stability
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Program Overview
In large-scale parks, there are various IoT terminals that require network connection, such as video surveillance, communication terminals, and automation equipment; MBF’s large-scale mobile network access solution deploys 4G/5G network element modules in a distributed manner, supporting The high-power gNB/eNB base station realizes a large-scale mobile network signal coverage in a planar and chain-like manner, meeting the access needs of tens of thousands of terminals.
Program Features
Planar and chain-like large-scale network coverage can meet the needs of ultra-large-scale network coverage.
The high-concurrency and high-bandwidth 4G/5G network supports the network requirements of video surveillance and automation equipment for high-bandwidth and low-latency.
Modular depoyment supports dynamic expansion and users can perform elastic expansion according to user access data
Typical Application
Mine 5G Private Core Network
MBF deploys a high-speed, low latency 5G private network for mines. It enables remote control, real-time video monitoring and environmental tracking for sensors, automation equipment and cameras, enhancing mining efficiency and safety.
IOT Park 5G Core Network
MBF deploys gNB access nodes for extensive 5G coverage in IoT parks, enabling network access for various IoT Terminals including automation equipment, fire monitoring, surveillance cameras and smart homes.
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