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Program Overview

By sinking the UPF/PWG module of the user data plane to the enterprise data center and public cloud, MBF realizes the intercommunication between the 4G/5G private network and the high-speed intranet to the enterprise intranet, public cloud, and private cloud; when the user moves out of the 4G After /5G private network coverage, MFB's "one sim" solution can realize global roaming and 5G private network access without changing the card.

Solution Architecture
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Solution Advantage
Realize multi-network interoperability from operator network, core network to enterprise intranet, public cloud, and private cloud.
User Plane UPF/PWG Can Be Deployed Anywhere
It supports the deployment of the UPF/PWG module from the lower layer to the task position, and supports multi-UPF and PWG load sharing at the same time.
Multi-Purpose Card
Through the "one sim" technology, the integration of the network card and the 5G private network card is realized, and there is no need to replace the SIM, and it is safe to access the 5G private network from the network card.
Private Network, Enterprise Intranet, and Public Cloud Interconnection Ccenarios Dedicated Network Card with One Card for Multiple Purposes, Multi-Network Interoperability Scenarios
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Program Overview
For security consideration, the 4G/5G private network is completely isolated from the enterprise intranet and public cloud, resulting in users being unable to access application on the enterprise intranet and public cloud; MBF sinks the forwarding plane UPF/SGW to the enterprise internet and public cloud to achieve high-speed and secure access to intranet services.
Program Features
Business data is securely encrypted from the terminal to the intranet, and from the public cloud to the end.
It support UPF deployment in multiple places and can meet the intranet intercommunication requirements of enterprise intranet, public cloud and data center at the same time
Supports UPF dynamic expambfion, which can be elastically expanded according to the size of the data.
Typical Application
Intercommunication between Private Network and Enterprise Intranet/data Center
MBF deploys UPF/SGW data nodes for seamless high-speed communication between private networks and enterprise intranets/data centers, ensuring secure access to internal applications.
Private Network and Public Cloud Interworking
MBF enables fast, secure access between private networks and enterprise public cloud using Docker/K8s-deployed UPF/SGW nodes.
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Program Overview
Since the traditional private network card can only be used in the private network coverage area, MBF provides a multi-purpose solution "one sim", which connects the private network card with the operator, and can roam to the 4G/5G private network at any location, thereby realizing Multi-network interconnection; and within the coverage of non-cooperative operators, it supports access to applications on the enterprise intranet and public cloud through MBF secure tunnels.
Program Features
One card is multi-purpose, and there is no need to change the card for network switching.
Intranet communication at any location, access to intranet applicatiombf.
End-to-end secure encryption of business data embfures high data security.
Typical Application
Mine Dedicated Network Card with Multiple Function
MBF's 'One SIM' for mines ensures constant access. It seamlessly redirects traffic to the mine's private network, even outside coverage.
Multi-Network Interworking of 4G/5G Secure Tunnel
MBF's secure tunnel feature allows mobile devices to access private network services securely by establishing a connection between the internet and the private network.
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