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Program Overview

MFB Global Roming Sim, referred to as "MGRS", is a global mobile network card for communication equipment and the Internet of Things. It supports the M2M protocol and provides data security transmission solutions for IoT devices worldwide. It has covered more than 30 countries and 50 +Operators provide users with mobile network services at extremely high speeds and ultra-low prices.

On top of Internet access, MGRS establishes a safe and reliable encrypted channel between the Internet and Private net through the fusion technology of roming sim and 5G private sim, and connects the Internet to the enterprise intranet, enabling safe access to enterprise intranet applications even when roaming .

Solution Architecture
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Solution Advantage
It Works In Most Of The World
Global Sim has covered 30 countries and 50+ roaming operators. Support 4G LTE, 5G.
Private Network, Multi-Network Intercommunication
Global Sim supports network security intercommunication from terminal to private network, enterprise intranet, and public cloud through its own patented technology.
Price Butcher Advantage, Billing According To Volume
Provide unrivaled tariffs in the world, on-demand and volume-based billing. Your plan can be customized according to your business needs.
Provide Integrated API and Management Background
All control and management can be realized through API, and the visualized management background can quickly activate the SIM card business, making function management easier.
Flexible Flow Control
Provide a traffic pool plan for enterprises or organizatiombf, and maximize the use of traffic through traffic sharing.
Global Mobile Office IOT Access Global Sim Multi-Network Interoperability
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Program Overview
With the development of globalization of enterprise business, more and more enterprise employees frequently shuttle in multiple countries, and different countries need to change the network card to create a lot of trouble for users; MBF Global SIM realizes this at a low cost Allowing users to meet mobile Internet services between different countries without changing SIMs.
Program Features
Global roaming, covering 30 countries, 50+ roaming operators
Low tariff, billing according to volume, users can use it on demand.
Typical Application
Global Business Travel
MBF's Global SIM card meets the mobile network needs of frequent international business travelers with just one card.
Enterprise B-End Solution
For large multinational businesses, we introduce the 'Giant' program which integrating with enterprise OA/ERP, offering APIs, customized services, and providing global internet access for employees and partners.
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Program Overview
The Global SIM IoT card launched by MBF for the Internet of Things can provide low-latency, high-bandwidth, and low-cost network connection services for a large number of IoT terminals. Enterprises/users can manage traffic in batches on the platform, and the solution is widely applicable to scenarios such as mobile terminals, Internet of Vehicles, cloud video, POS machines, and vending machines.
Program Features
Complete equipment and traffic management, providing API.
Establish a regional traffic pool, and devices share traffic.
The traffic forwarding path can be customized to meet the needs of different scenarios.
Typical Application
Cloud Video Surveillance
MBF provides cost-effective Global SIM cards for 4G/5G-enabled cameras. This allows real-time video streaming to cloud-based surveillance systems, enabling remote control and monitoring.
POS Machine
MBF's low-latency SIM cards for POS machines ensure swift transmission of user card information to the backend settlement system, providing top-notch network services.
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Program Overview
The traditional roaming SIM can only access the Internet, and users need to use VPN software, proxy and other tools to access enterprise intranet applications; MBF Global SIM realizes that there is no need to install any software on the user terminal, and the terminal traffic is directly forwarded to the private network, bypassing the Internet through traffic orientation. Enterprise Intranet, so as to achieve secure access to intranet applications.
Program Features
Realize the intercommunication between the Global SIM at any location and private network, enterprise intranet, and public cloud.
Based on operator traffic orientation, bypassing the Internet, the network security is high.
Provides a low-latency, high-bandwidth application access experience similar to analog and leased lines.
Typical Application
Global SIM Access to Corporate Intranet Applications
With Global SIM cards, employees traveling on business can securely and swiftly access the company's internal applications without the need for VPNs or proxy tools. Traffic is directed through the operator's network, bypassing the internet.
Global SIM Access to Public Cloud Intranet Applications
MBF's Global SIM card ensures secure access to public cloud applications via direct connection to the cloud's intranet, eliminating the need for internet-facing ports and potential security risks.
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